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Good Hope Windsorton Bike,Quad & Kiddies 150
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Date : 01 Jun 2019
Club: CSA Racing
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 Good Hope Windsorton 150
Saturday 1 June 2019

  1. Program of Events

  2. Start


Kids  Pro65


85 Motorcycle,



Q1& Utility Quads


OR1,OR2,OR3,Senior,Ladies,Bike Beginner


07h00 – 08h00

07h00 – 08h00

07h00 – 08h00

07h00 – 08h00

Sight Lap open





Sight Lap close






Riders briefing





Line up for start






After line up

After line up

After line up

After line up

Time bar



























      1. There will be a controlled start for motorcycles and quads.Competitors will line up in the order of point standings & paid entries received.  





    4.1 OR1 Class:

    Two stroke motorcycles with an engine capacity in excess of 251cc and four stroke motorcycles with an engine capacity in excess of 401cc.

    4.2 OR2 Class:

    Two stroke motorcycles with an engine capacity greater than 201 cc but not exceeding 251cc and four stroke motorcycles with an engine capacity greater than 251 cc but not exceeding 401cc.

    4.3 OR3 Class:

    Two stroke motorcycles with an engine capacity not exceeding 201cc and four stroke motorcycles with an engine capacity not exceeding 251cc.

    4.5 Senior Class

    Open to competitors from the year of their 40th birthday and older. Any capacity motorcycle may be used.

    4.6 Ladies

    Any capacity motorcycle may be used.

    4.7 Beginner class.

    Competitors with limited to no experience

    4.8 Juniors

    ( 85cc 2 stroke to 150cc 4stroke ), Competitors from any age up to age 14.

    4.9 Kiddies

    50cc and other motorcycles not exceeding 80cc ( your Pee Wee type off bike).

    Ouads smaller than your Blasters, your typical Chinese quad can be used.

    4.10 Kiddies

    65 Pro






    4.11 Q1 Class:

    Open to competitors from the year of their 14th birthday and older. Any capacity quad may be used.

    4.13 Utility Quads Half Distance


    Description of event.

    1. Full Distance: Competitors will be required to start as many 30km laps as possible with a maximum of 5

    2. Senior Classes: Competitors will be required to start as many 30km laps as possible with a maximum of 4

    3. Junior and Ladies Classes: Competitors will be required to start as many 30km laps as possible with a maximum of 4

    4. This excludes one optional sight lap before the race.

    5. NOTE: It is the rider’s responsibility to see that he/she is back in time for the riders briefing after the sight lap. Slower riders should start the sight lap well before closing.



    1. Ranch Motel

    2. The Route

      Any competitor, who strays a distance more than 6m from the route, must rejoin the route at the same place as where he/she they left the route.

      1. Any competitor who leaves a special stage/section where the route is enclosed by bunting/tires, or where poles with stickers are on both sides of the road, have to rejoin the route at the same place where he/she left the route.



    3. Event and Status

                                      The race will be known as the Good Hope Windsorton 150


    4. List of Officials of the Meeting

      4.1                           Secretary              

      1.  Chief Marshal     

        4.3                           Route Director     Moos v d Westhuizen    0832939995                                                             

           4.4                           Time Keeper       Louis v d Berg                0828043302            

      1. Medical Service Providers  Emer-G-Med


      2. Judges of the Fact.

        1. Judges of the Fact will judge all transgressions occurring in the pits and start finish area.


      3. Vehicles and equipment

        1. Competitors are not allowed to switch vehicles during the event. Only one competitor is allowed per vehicle per class.

        2. Competitors must wear suitable protective clothing with a minimum of long pants, helmet, goggles and boots which covers the ankles.


      4. Racing Numbers

        1. Each competitor will be given a helmet tag with a number.  This will be the competitors racing number for the event.

        2. The helmet tag must be attached to the peak of your helmet.

        3. All motorcycles must have their competition number clearly visible from the front and from both sides of the vehicle.  All Quads must have their competition number clearly visible from the front and the rear.  Recommended minimum digit Size: 170mm x 80mm per digit.  The competitors’ race and completion number need not be the same.


      5. Racing etiquette & Safety

        1. NEVER go backward on the course or stop on the course.  If you think you are not on the route, stop a safe distance next to the road and slowly make your way back a safe distance from the road.

        2. You must come to a complete stop at all marshal points and road crossings.  No overtaking is allowed between a marshal board and a marshal point, or between a road crossing board and a road crossing.

        3. It is the competitor’s responsibility to give marshals enough time to mark his/her vehicle or helmet.


      6. Entries

        1. Entries open immediately.

        2. Entries close 31 May 2019 @ 13:00
          Entries not accompanied by the relevant fees will not be accepted.

        3. Entry Fees:  See entry form..

        4. Entries to be done online


          Bank Account details for direct deposit of entry fees (Bank statement description: “your surname, your name, your race number“:

           Account Name: NG Kerk Diamantveld                 Account Type: Cheque , Account No: 0940580072, Absa, Branch Code: 632005 “. Please email proof of payment to   Fax 053 842 1184

          Late entries made in person at the event will be accepted. R100.00


        1. No refunds will be given.


        Race headquarters and official notice board.

        1. Race Headquarters/Control will be behind Timekeeping.

        2. The official Notice Board will be at the race headquarters.

        3. All official notices, including changes to the rules and regs as well as the results will be posted on the official notice board.



        1. All competitors will be required to undergo documentation at race headquarters, at the time indicated on the program.


        Refuel, refueling and designated service points.

          1. The refuel and service point will be close to the start line and documentation.

          2. Competitors may only receive help from officials of the race and racing competitors on the route.  At the designated service point competitors may receive help from their service                

          3. Competitors who have finished or who have retired may not render assistance to other competitors on the route.

          4. While refueling competitors must dismount from their vehicle and switch the engine off.

          5. Only officials and competitors actively competing are allowed on the course during the event. No support crews or spectators.

          6. Competitors must only use 1st gear with low throttle in the pit lane.  The penalty is a minimum of 1 minute per transgression.

          7. No passing is allowed in the pit lane, except when passing stationary competitor.


          Finish and route check/control.


          1. The finish of the event will take the form of a timed control.  The competitors in each class with the least total time on the maximum number of laps will be declared the winners of the class.

          2. After completing the race competitors are not allowed to leave the timing point with their racing vehicle, until the control point markings have been checked.



          1. Should a competitor retire from the event he is to immediately notify the nearest marshal / official of the fact in writing.  Competitors who have retired from the event must proceed to Race headquarters as                       soon as possible and hand in their completed incident report from.
            Failure to comply with this may result in the competitor’s entry being refused by the organizers for future events, and/or the competitor may be excluded from the results, and a points penalty given..

          2. If a competitor is missing please notify the chief marshal, and include the competitor’s race number and vehicle description.


          Incident Report Forms

          1. Incident report forms: All competitors will be issued with an Incident Report From at documentation.  Your completed incident report form must be handed in at race headquarters, within 30 min after completing the event or retiring from the event.

          2. Any incidents involving any person or property must be recorded on this from.  Should a competitor fail to report any incident involving damage to any person or property on this form, the competitor’s entry may be refused by the organizers for future events. 

          3. If a competitor fails to hand in his/her incident report form within the allotted time, he/she may be excluded from the results or classified as a non finisher.

          4. When handing in your incident report form you will be provided with a lucky draw ticket for the prize giving.  This ticket is also proof on handing in your incident report form.  You may be asked to show this ticket in case of a dispute on whether you handed in your incident report form.

          5. A list of competitors who have handed in their incident report forms will be posted with the results.  If you have handed in your incident report form but is not on list, please lodge a query with race control immediately.



          1. Queries/complaints must be handed on a Query/Complaint Form, which is available at race headquarters.

          2. Queries/complaints regarding incidents during the race must be handed in within 20 minutes of finishing or withdrawing from the event.

          3. Query for errors with timekeeping must be handed in within 15 minutes after provisional results are posted.

          4. A query/complaint can be lodged by any competitor, or member of his support crew.

          5. The person who lodge the Query must have witnessed the event personally, or include a signed report by the witness.  You must include the witness’ full names, ID Number and contact number.  This report must describe the incident in detail.  The witness must be available to answer any questions the organizers may have.  No queries, complaints or testimony will be accepted from anyone who is found to have consumed alcohol during the day.

          6. You must be reachable on the cell no. you provided and available to offer testimony in person, from the time you handed in the Query until the prize giving.

          7. A Query/complaint can be lodged against any competitor who transgressed any of the rules and regulations of the event.  A Query/complaint can also be lodged against any competitor if any member of his support crew transgressed any of the rules and regulations of the event.

          8. A Query/complaint can also be lodged if a competitor feels there was an error with the timekeeping.

          9. Riders who wish to receive time back for helping a injured competitor must include all details clearly on the form, with a minimum of the name and race number of the rider who was helped, description of the injured riders vehicle and the vehicle no, the time and locations of the incident, the time spend, the lap on which the incident occurred and a description of what took place.  NOTE: Time may only be given back if an INJURED competitor was helped.  A comparison of all laps will be made when determining how much time will be given back if any.

          10. If in extreme cases corrections are made after prize giving, it will only affect final results and points but not trophies handed out at the prize giving.




          1. Injuries. In the event of anyone being injured, competitors are obliged to stop and render whatever assistance may be needed.  In the case of serious injury do not move the injured competitor unless he is in a    dangerous position.  THE NEXT MARSHAL MUST BE INFORMED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN ORDER TO SUMMON ASSISTANCE, PLEASE GIVE THE MARSHAL THE INJURED COMPETITORS NAME AND COMPETITION NUMBER AND APPROXIMATE LOCATION.  WHEN AN AMBULANCE IS ENCOUNTERED ON ROUTE IT HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY ALL THE TIME.

          2. The Organisers have been afforded the privilege of staging this event through populated, cultivated and  remote areas

          3. Please exercise caution through these areas and where livestock is concerned. Competitors are required to act responsible so that the event can take place in the future.

          4. The route may traverse cultivated and grazing land (veldt), when it does; competitors are to stay on the route and away from vegetation.  Competitors not found doing so may be excluded from the event.

          5. In many places the route may be narrow and dust or mud may be a problem.  You should therefore, afford any competitor who has caught up with you every opportunity to overtake.  Competitor’s observed by officials of the race, who do not give faster competitors an opportunity to overtake, may be penalized.

          6. Competitors may be penalized if he/she (or someone else on their vehicle) is caught speeding in the pit area, on access roads or anywhere at the venue, even if the transgression does not take place while the competitor is racing.

          7. Competitors are responsible for their own behaviour and that of family, friends, pit crew or anyone riding their vehicle.


          Break downs.

          1. The organizers will do their best to retrieve or assist pit crews to retrieve vehicles which have broken down on the course. Vehicles and their riders will be retrieved as soon as possible, but due to the number of break downs this can take some time.  On certain places on the route it is only possible to retrieve vehicles after the last time bar.

          2. The organizers take no responsibility to any damage to a vehicle retrieved by the marshals or sweepers.

          3. The pit crew of a competitor may retrieve him or his vehicle while the race is in progress, if the competitor can make his way to a road outside of the racing area.  Under no circumstances may anyone but an official cross the course or venture onto the course to retrieve competitors or their vehicles while racing is in progress.

          4. Pit crews may follow the sweepers after the event to pick up stranded competitors or vehicles themselves.

          5. Competitors are requested to be considerate to the landowners when retrieving stranded racing vehicles from the route after the event, and to ensure that damage to cultivated and grazing lands is avoided when retrieving their vehicles.


          TIME BAR:  Time Bar may be adjusted during the race, according to the average time it takes to complete a lap.



          1. Provisional results will be posted within 60 min after the class’ time bar has been reached.  Results will become final if no protest is received within 15min after results have been posted. It is the competitor’s responsibility to monitor when results are posted.

          2. Should there be an unreasonable delay in announcing the results it may be postponed.


          PRIZE GIVING

          1. The Official Prize Giving starts after racing have been completed.  Trophies will be handed out within 45 min after the last results have become final.  If required by circumstances the prize giving may be delayed.  The prize giving will be at the venue.

          2. Winners must be present at the prize giving to claim their prizes and/or trophies.  Competitors who wish to have a 3rd party pick up their trophy during the prize giving or wish that their trophies be couriered within one week after the event, must hand in a written request together with a penalty payment of R100 to the secretary of the meeting before results become final.  Injured competitors should send a written request for their trophy together with a medical certificate on the Monday after the event.
            Lucky draws MUST be claimed immediately in person.

          3. Food, meals and a cash bar will be at the venue and at the Prize Giving.





          1.  Alter the departure times, the route and time bars if forced to do so through weather conditions, or for any other reasons.

          2.  Alter the starting and scoring methods, if it is found necessary to do so.

          3. Postpone, abandon or cancel the event for any reasons.

          4. Refuse any entry.




            a) Service crews and/or service vehicles are not permitted on the racing route. They may be present at DSP’s but may not render assistance in any form whatsoever, except at these points.

            b) Service crews may not establish “spares depots”, or leave spares, tyres, fuel, lubricants etc. at any point other than the DSP’s, whether on the racing route or accessible from the racing route. Furthermore so called ghost riders as entered by teams having riders enter races carrying an abnormal amount of spares to assist other team riders will not be allowed under any circumstances. The decision by the Clerk of the Course will decide what a reasonable amount of spares is to be carried by a competitor, but should only be sufficient for his own use, such as spare cables, fuses etc.

            c) Outside assistance may be given by:

            i) An official of the event. If a competitor is assisted by an official as listed in the

            Assistance by an official is limited to helping around or over obstacles etc which assistance must be offered to all competitors. However, this precludes the providing of spares or parts for a motorcycle or quad or the towing of a motorcycle or quad by an official.

            ii) By another competitor who is still actively racing and eligible to be classified as a finisher.

            iii) Competitors who have retired or crossed the finishing line may not render assistance.

            iv) Outside assistance from any other source is prohibited.

            v) No assistance by service crews will be allowed at re-fuel points which are not DSP’s.