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With 30 years of racing experience in South Africa and experiencing the constant problems surround timing a decision was made to develop a local timing system. Initially investigations where made into procuring a system abroad but due to our unique local requirements as well a prohibitive costs a decision was made to develop one locally.

Race Control Timing Systems is unlike anything you've ever seen. We use overhead readers, so no mats or ramps are needed. The systems comes complete with hardware, software, and online training as well as support. We offer a fully managed system for National events or a affordable ownership of a system based on a per rider cost lease option for regional or club events.

Chip Timing System
When it comes to chip timing systems, Race Control is the most advanced timing system available. Race timing is not always easy, and our timing system makes race timing simple and when it comes to cutting-edge features, Race Control delivers. The system can display live results throughout the race, send text messages, show live updates dates online, immediately print race results for finishers as well as handle all of your registrations automatically allowing the event organisers to concentrate on creating the event without the additional stress of timing and registration freeing up all the people necessary for these functions. Race Control offers a “Race in a Box” all that is needed is a track!