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WFO Mid Illovo Hard Enduro

WFO Mid Illovo Hard Enduro 29 Feb 2020

(Final Results)


In the interests of safety, and based on the fact that the minimum race distance has been shortened to four (4) hours, a compulsory sighting lap may be made available to competitors in the morning prior to race start at the discretion of the Organisers / Promoters. A 2-hour regularity time will be provided for competitors to complete the sighting lap. Thereafter, the race will be started at 10H00 on race day, as per usual procedures. If the organisers decide that a longer regularity time is required for the day in question, then the sighting lap must be opened appropriately earlier in the day, in order to ensure that the race start time is not compromised. In the event of a rider taking longer to complete his sighting lap than is allocated in regularity time, then that rider will incur the time that he is late for his official start time as penalty time, and this will be added to his race time post the completion of the race. In this event, the rider in question must use the “Flying Finish” chute to access the start of the race track, and not que at the back of the still un-started start grid, nor may he push his way through the pack of riders waiting to start on the un-started start grid.