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Ramasgate Challenge

Ramasgate Challenge 09 Nov 2018

(Provisional Results)


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by Trevor and Lloyd Kirk


The Ramasgate Challenge ride is a Roof training ride which has been put together by Ian McDonald from  Rock Rabbitts, Faan Van Deventer, Sakkie Maartens and Natal WFO. I would like to thank all these people for their time and effort that they have sacrificed to make this event possible. It is important to remember that this event is a fun ride and not a race, so you can enjoy it riding together.


Race Registration(Friday 10h00 – 18h00; Saturday 5h00 – 8h00)

Race registration will take place at the Start/Finish area at Chertsey Farm, Registration will open at 10h00 on Friday morning until 18h00 and Saturday morning from 05h00 - 08h00. Riders will be able to register, collect their Ramasgate Shirts and the GPS officials will be on hand to download routes onto GPS’S. Please make sure you have your relevant documentation on hand as to speed up the registration process.  If you are purchasing a license on the day please remember to bring PROOF OF MEDICAL AID.


There will bacon and Egg rolls for sale at the start.


Important Note for riders - We encourage riders to make sure that their required fuel, water and food requirements during the ride is planned well and placed at the designated area for the trucks to take out to the relevant DSP’s. There will be two demarcated areas at the registration area marked Ramasgate DSP and Danie’s DSP whereby riders would need to place their 10 litre container and any refreshments in the Ramasgate DSP area and their 5 litre container in the Danie’s DSP area. The trucks for these DSP’s will be loaded and leave the Start area at 05h30 on Saturday morning.




Friday the 9th November - Time Trial/Prologue(12h00 – 16h00)

Faan Van Deventer has put a lot of work into the 20km Time Trial making it a really awesome ride getting you ready for what lies ahead! Riders who do not complete the time trial will start on the last row on Saturday. The start of the time trial takes place approximately 3.5Km’s from Chertsey Farm. Riders are able to ride on a clearly marked route to the Start/Finish of the time trial or they can drive there with their vehicles.


Time Trial will be open to riders from 12h00 – 16h00 with one 20 km run available to each rider. Your Time Trial result will determine your starting order for Saturday.


Adventure bikers will be able to ride out to the time trial and free ride in this area as they will be able to get to most of the time trial viewing points.


Friday Night Braai Chertsey Farm -There will be a Braai and social get together on Friday evening at Chertsey Farm for all riders which is included in the rider’s entry fee.  For pit crew and family the cost for the braai is R100.00 per person.




Saturday the 10th November Hobby, Expert, Pro and Adventure Bike Routes

Saturday will start with Race control being open for 05h00 for race registration and for GPS’s to be uploaded.

There will be bacon and egg rolls for sale as riders get ready for a great day of riding. The riders will have to line their bike up in their rows at 07h00 with the first Row of bikes departing at 08h00 with 5 minute intervals between each row.


·         HOBBY CLASS = 90KM (45 km to Ramasgate and back excluding distances in Lesotho)

·         EXPERT CLASS = 140 KM expert loop should be equivalent to a tough Bronze Roof with one or two hard passes in it. It is advised that you buddy up with someone to make your day a little easier and less stressful

·         PRO CLASS = 150 KM is a tough and challenging route so be prepared for some scrumming! If you are nervous of a section wait for another rider to come and do the section together.

·         ADVENTURE ROUTE = 100 – 160 KM will comprise of a dirt road ride to the Ramasgate DSP where they will then start there tailor made adventure bike route in Lesotho which is going tom be epic.  There are two routes available for the Adventure biker as follows: - GREEN ROUTE comprises mostly of dirt roads with a few rocky tracks. RED ROUTE comprises of dirt roads, rocky tracks and some goat paths.


Please take note of the Emergency Number on your number board for any emergencies that may need to be reported during the day. Please riders remember your obligation to your fellow rider in need.



Stage 1 – Start at Chertsey Farm – Ramasgate Border Post

This will be a common route for Hobby, Expert and Pro classes with Pro sections added into the route which will be used to assess the Pro rider’s ability for the Pro route on stage 2. The ride from Chertsey Farm to Ramasgate is a nice easy flowing ride with one or two challenges in it. 


·         The ride from Chertsey Farm to Ramasgate will take 50 – 80 minutes (approx. 45km).

·         It will take your Pit Crew approximately 1 hour 15 minutes to get to the DSP so if your pit crew will be meeting you at the DSP we suggest they leave by no later than 07H30.




“The Hobby Class Route (which is also the common route for Pro and Expert Class to Ramasgate) will have flowing single tracks and sled paths through the lowlands and contour paths through the Protea banks which will take you to the Ramasgate Border Post.  There you will be treated to some magnificent views of the Tsoelike River Valley while watching some of the extreme enduro riders doing what they do best!  Thereafter you will head back down the hill to the Start/Finish at Chertsey Farm”.



Stage 2 – Lesotho Loop/Ramasgate DSP


Stage 2 comprises of the Ramasgate decontrol where the necessary passport controls need to take place, refuelling and then the riders set off on their relevant routes for Pro, Expert, Hobby and Adventure in Lesotho returning back to the same DSP before they start stage 3.


All classes will arrive at the Lesotho Border post known as the Ramasgate DSP at the end of Stage 1. The Ramasgate DSP, managed by Sakkie Maartens, will be situated on the South African side of the border post with all the necessary amenities available to riders and pit crews. When Pit Crew’s get to the Ramasgate Border please park outside the fenced area unless you are going into Lesotho to spectate then you can pass on through onto the Lesotho side. Please note that there are no shops or supplies available at the Ramasgate Border post so we suggest that pit crew’s take eats and drinks with them to the DSP. There will be complimentary ham rolls available to riders at this DSP once they completed stage 2. If you do not have any Pit Crew support at the border post you will need to send your supplies with your fuel containers placed in the demarcated areas at registration.



When you arrive at the Ramasgate border we estimate that it should take the riders a maximum of 15 minutes for the riders to stamp their passports, refuel and refill hydration packs. 




From the Ramasgate Border DSP riders will ride to the starting point of Pro, Expert, Hobby and Adventure routes which start just past the Lesotho side of the border post after a short distance on the gravel road. It will be clearly marked. This is where the different routes start and the fun begins. You will need to ride within your abilities being wise in the decisions you take as you follow your GPS through some of the most beautiful yet challenging terrain available to dirt bike riders.


                                         PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHECK YOUR GPS AT ALL TIMES!


Cut-off Points/Time bars

There will three cut-off points along stage 2 whereby riders will be pointed to the road if they don’t reach these points by a certain time, which will lead them back to Ramasgate DSP. These cut-off points are there for rider’s safety and we encourage riders to obey the instructions of the officials at these cut-off points. Danie’s DSP will be the first cut-off point at 14h00 and there will be a further two cut-off points along the way at 15h00 and 16h00 respectively whereby riders will be shown the road back to the Ramasgate DSP.


Danie’s DSP

Danie’s DSP will be approximately a third distance into your route by which time you will know what type of day you are going to have. This will be the first cut off point at 14h00, were you will have to refuel and replenish liquids that will be available to get you through the rest of stage 2. Your 5 litre fuel container will be at this DSP along with water for you to fill your hydration packs. Please note that in this area the rivers have extremely clean water for you to keep hydrated, top up radiators and keep yourself cool.



“The Expert Class, after crossing through the Border Post will have a good day of awesome Lesotho Riding that will challenge those looking to do Bronze and Silver at the Roof of Africa. Once you have completed your loop you will go through the Ramasgate Border Post once again, refuel at the DSP and head back down the hill to the Start/Finish at Chertsey Farm”.


“The Pro Class I have been told is tougher than Roof!”



Stage 2 or the Lesotho loop will finish at Ramasgate again where you stamp passports, refuel, have a ham roll before you head back to the Start/Finish at Chertsey Farm.


Stage 3 – Ramasgate to the Finish at Chertsey Farm

Stage 3 back to the finish at Chertsey farm will open once the first Pro rider arrives or at the latest 13h30. Once done the necessary passport controls and refuelled Pro , Expert and Hobby riders will take the same route as in stage 1 but in reverse as they return along a mellow scenic route back to the finish to receive there Ramasgate signature trophy.


Saturday Night Sheep on the Spit

The Ramasgate inaugural event will finish off on Saturday evening with a function at the Matatiele Country Club with sheep on a spit for riders to chat about their days riding. The costs of the sheep on the spit are included in the Riders entry fee and for Pit Crew and Family the cost is R120.00 per person.


We are hoping that all the time and effort that has gone into this event results in an amazing weekend of riding for all levels of riding and that all attending this event have loads of fun.



A big thank you to you the rider for entering this event, to our sponsor s and event helpers who have gone out of their way to make this a great event!


Thank You and Safe travels. See you Friday


RAMASGATE – Africa’s Hardest One Day Enduro

You have Erzberg, you have Romaniacs and you have Hells Gate, now you have a new hard enduro on your doorstep, RAMASGATE. The hardest one day enduro in Africa bought to you by the WFO Club.

RAMASGATE is setting its goal to be the best one day hard enduro race weekend in Africa. Focusing on giving riders unrivalled Lesotho and East Griqualand riding terrain and designed to harness the fellowship across all off road riding facets with a dash of East Griqualand hospitality we aim to create an off road riding weekend like no other. This event is taking place on the 9th and 10th of November 2018  from Chertsey farm, 12km outside Matatiele, providing the perfect venue close to the Lesotho Border post, RAMASGATE.

 Providing entrants with the perfect Hard Enduro GPS rider training in the Lesotho Mountains leading up to the Roof of Africa in December this event is going to be one that you don’t want to miss. After much discussion with our local and international riders we have put together an event that caters for all riders in one weekend, providing a true challenge designed to enhance fellowship amongst all off road and enduro riders and their families. Added to this, this event provides the ultimate platform for all motorcycle manufacturers and motorcycle industry related businesses to engage with their target market in the most unique way. Hosted by the WFO club, who together with the Matatiele community, are pulling out all the stops to make this weekend really special and value for money. WFO Club Event Organiser Trevor Kirk says “ ….We intend providing a world class event in the Lesotho mountains to challenge bronze, silver and gold enduro riders. We have also incorporated an adventure bike ride that will compliment this race to ensure that the entire adventure bike riding, off road riding and enduro community have a weekend together like no other. We look forward to hosting this event and making it a weekend to remember”.

Entries will open on the 3rd of September and will be limited to 300 riders so get your entries in for this value packed weekend. WFO have been able to keep costs down and give the riders a value for money weekend like no other at cost of R750 per rider including all logistics for the race, including supper on Friday and Saturday nights. There will be camping facilities available at the Start and Finish which is the same for both days of racing. There is plenty of accommodation available in and around Matatiele with Resthaven in Matatiele offering discounted prices for entrants.

The event will start with registration and the Prologue of 20km on Friday the 9th of November, between 12h00 and 16h30, from Chertsey Farm just outside of Matatiele followed by a rider’s Braai while their bikes receive a complimentary bikewash before they are placed in the bike impound ready for the main race start on Saturday morning at 8h00.

The main race will start at Chertsey farm with a mass start for Pro, Expert and Hobby classes similar to Erzberg, with the first stage of the route making its way through to RAMASGATE border post where there will be a 15 minute decontrol while you stamp your passport and refuel ready for the Lesotho Mountains that lie ahead in stage 2. The 2nd  stage will start with specific routes for the Expert Class and Pro Class GPS tracks set by experienced Pros to ensure that the route tests your ability and fitness as you ride some of the most scenic and insane riding terrain available in Africa. Stage 2 ends back at the RAMASGATE decontrol for a passport stamp and refuel ready for the final stage 3 back to the finish at Chertsey farm. The Hobby class will have a 3 hour decontrol between stage 1 and stage 3 whereby they are permitted to ride to the various spectator points to watch the Expert and Pro classes. Stage 3 will start when the first Gold rider comes through the decontrol when all the other classes will be able to start stage 3 ad race to the finish at Chertsey Farm.

Making this event unique is that there will be a GPS Adventure bike route that follows the main route which will be an amazing adventure for the adventure biking enthusiasts. Adventure biking in the Lesotho Mountains on an adventure route while you have prime spectator opportunities to watch the hard enduro riders, you could not ask for more. We believe that the adventure bikers will enjoy being part this event with their fellow off road riding enthusiasts making this event a great success.

After an enjoyable days riding for all riders we will celebrate in true Matatiele style on Saturday Night with a few Sheep on the spit at the Matatiele country club with some interesting biker entertainment and presentation of your RAMASGATE finishers “Rock”. Please support this event and bring your family with to enjoy a wonderful weekend.

More information will be available at www.wforacing.co.za or contact Nadine on 073 990 3698 further details.

Route and Class Information

All routes have been completed and have been pre ridden to get input from the required level of riders. This valuable information helps us “tweak” the routes to make it even better for our Hobby, Expert, Pro and Adventure bike routes

 This event is taking place on the 9th and 10th of November 2018  from Chertsey farm, 16km outside Matatiele, providing the perfect venue close to the Lesotho Border post, RAMASGATE. The whole spirit of this event is to provide a unique opportunity for all forms of dirt bikers to enjoy this weekend. Enjoy a Matat braai on Friday night followed by a spit braai on Saturday night at the Matatiele Country Club, a Ramasgate signature T-Shirt and awesome riding all included in the entry fee R750. That’s what you call value for money, like no other.

RAMASGATE is setting its goal to be the best one day hard enduro weekend in Africa while at the same time giving our hobby class riders and adventure bikers the ultimate riding experience, without the “racing” pressure, so that they can enjoy the experience. On Friday there will be a time trial for those serious riders who want a better start position for the Saturday ride. All the classes will start and finish at Chertsey farm with the Saturday route comprising of 3 stages with all classes doing the same stage 1 and Stage 3, apart from the Adventure class that have their specific adventure class route. Stage 1 starts in the form of a mass start in rows of riders determined from the previous days’ time trial and ends at the Ramasgate decontrol where all riders will do their passport checks. From there the Expert, Pro and Adventure bike classes will complete their specific class route as part of stage 2 which ends back at the Ramasgate. The Hobby class do not do stage 2 but have a 3 hour decontrol to joy ride and spectate in Lesotho. All classes will then start stage 3 which follows a nice flowing route back to the finish.

Hobby Class

The Hobby class has been designed for your lower Bronze rider/fun rider who maybe has not got the fitness, as he most probably works for a living, but wants an enjoyable less stressful ride. The route will comprise of enjoyable flowing sections in stage 1 from the start to the Ramasgate refuel where they will have a 3 hour decontrol. The hobby class will have a 3 hour decontrol at the Ramasgate refuel where they will be able to ride at their leisure to various silver and gold spectator points to encourage the riders. The Hobby Class stage 3 will start when they join the expert and pro riders in the final racing stage home which is a nice flowing section down to the finish

Expert Class

The Expert Class has been designed to cater for riders that are at Silver Roof of Africa level and above average bronze rider. The expert loop will start at Ramasgate and be a different loop than the Pro class. Completely on GPS tracks testing a silver riders technical ability and fitness in order to complete stage 2 receiving there Ramasgate signature medal at the finish.

Pro Class

The Pro Class is going to be really tough and if you consider yourself to be a top 30 Roof of Africa rider then this class is for you. This route in the words of Martin of Romaniacs, is not for “pussies” so bring your A Game. Steep climbs and tricky downhills will provide you with some interesting riding challenges and may need the riders to overcome some of their personal weaknesses, like fear of heights, in order to complete this section. We intend to have 10 finishers who are deserving of the tailor made Ramasgate Rock as a reward for their achievements. In order for the organisers to be sure that riders entering the expert loop, have the technical ability, there will be a Pro signature climb in racing section 1 whereby you will earn your Gold Ticket to enter the Pro Route. If you don’t have a gold ticket you will have to do the expert loop.

Adventure Bikes

The adventure bike routes have been designed for the ultimate adventure rider who would like a scenic ride in the beautiful Lesotho Mountains that is designed specifically for the adventure bikes. The Adventure bike route starts and finishes with the other classes and basically runs along/near to the Hobby, Expert and Pro routes enabling adventure riders to stop along the way at many spectator points. This route is going to be awesome from the comments and pictures we have received from the adventure bike route directors.

After an enjoyable days riding for all riders we will celebrate in true Matatiele style on Saturday Night with a few Sheep on the spit at the Matatiele country club with some interesting biker entertainment and presentation of your RAMASGATE finishers “Rock” or signature medals. Please support this event and bring your family with to enjoy a wonderful weekend. More information will be available at www.wforacing.co.za or contact Nadine on 073 990 3698 further details.